[EVC]Emergency Volunteer Center

The Emergency Volunteer Center acts as a conduit for connecting volunteers to nonprofit agencies during times of disaster. One of the EVC's primary goals is to better organize volunteers to avoid congestion and chaos. For example, during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, so many spontaneous volunteers showed up that primary responders were unable to provide services due to an inability to reach the site and tell the difference between volunteers and victims.

Upon declaration of a disaster in Marin County or the Bay Area, the EVC will activate and begin recruiting volunteers in-person, by phone, and by email. The location of the EVC is expected to be at CVNL headquarters; however, if the building is deemed unsafe, public service announcements will go out to inform the community of the EVC's change of location.

Volunteers should expect to undergo a short interview process to better gauge their applicable skills and then will be referred to an agency or kept on file until their skills can be called upon.

Agencies in need of volunteers will also be screened to determine what their volunteer needs are. To better prepare, agencies should have disaster volunteer job descriptions ahead of time so we can better facilitate the process of volunteer recruitment.

Questions? Email volunteermarin@cvnl.org or call (415)479-5710.