Have a few hours?  
Drop in on a Flex Project!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get engaged in community service? Volunteer Marin’s Flexible Volunteer Program is here to help!  

The Flex Program is a calendar of recurring, group-friendly, volunteer projects managed by Volunteer Marin in partnership with local nonprofits.  Flex provides the perfect way for busy people of all ages to volunteer in a fun, meaningful setting.  This makes volunteering easy to do anytime! 

Flex Projects

  • Involve hands-on, direct service activities

  • Require no ongoing commitment

  • Require no previous experience or training

  • Occur on a regular schedule for at least 4 months (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  • Family-friendly and group-friendly (Volunteers under 14 must be accompanied by an adult and volunteers under 18 must complete a youth waiver signed by a parent/guardian)

  • Are led by trained Project Leaders who oversee on-site activities at each project, keep you informed, and answer questions

  • Can be used to fulfill community service requirements for court or school

Whether you're interested in volunteering with seniors, youth, animals, plants or paintbrushes, you can find something that is right for you!  Here's how to get started: 

1. Create a Volunteer Account 

Once your account is created, you can sign up for projects, create a volunteer team, track your volunteer hours, and more!  Click Here for instructions on how to create a team.

2. Browse the Project Calendar 

Any project with “[Flex]” in the title is a Flex Project managed by Volunteer Marin.  Many nonprofits post done-in-a-day on our calendar, however Flex Projects are the only projects led by trained Volunteer Marin Projects Leaders who will provide you and your volunteer team with expert communication and support before, during, and after your service.

3. Sign up as an individual or with a group

Volunteering is just a click away with the Flex Program.  Sign up on your own, or sign up as group on behalf of your scout troop, rotary club, greek organization, church, business, or other team.  Location details and other information will be sent to you via email by your Project Leader.  For more information about group volunteering, Click Here

4. Come back again and again!

Although Flex Projects don’t require an ongoing commitment, many of them occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so you have the opportunity to return to a favorite project again and again!

For more information: 

Contact Anton Timms
415-448 - 0340