Volunteer Orientation

Get Involved: An Orientation to Volunteerism in Marin

Have you ever said "I want to help out, don't know where, how, or who to contact?" Or have you just felt like the times you volunteered weren't worthwhile, or that your skills weren't fully utilized? Maybe you feel like you're too busy to volunteer.

The reality is, finding the right volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule, skills, and interests is difficult. That's where Volunteer Marin can help.

In our online orientation, we will cover what you need to know about volunteering in Marin County, and how to find the best volunteer opportunity for you. The conversation will cover our core programs that cater to every possible skill set, level of commitment and impact area, and talk about how you can navigate the hundreds of Volunteer Opportunities occuring with our partner nonprofits. We guarantee that you will walk away with an opportunity that suits you and perhaps even a new friend!

Call the Center to set up an orientation or meet with a matchmaker!  415-479-5710

Start volunteering in Marin!

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